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IBA Logistics
Holland offers several services to handle your goods from and to Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan facts and figures

Capital and largest city:  Ashgabat  37°58′N 58°20′E

Official languages: Turkmen

Inter-ethnic languages:
Russian, Uzbek

Ethnic groups(2003) :  
  • 85% Turkmen
  • 5% Uzbek
  • 4% Russian
  • 6% others
Demonym:  Turkmen

Government: Dominant-partypresidential state

President: Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow

Chariman of the Mejlis:
Akja Nuberdiyeva

Legislature:    Mejlis

Independence from the Soviet Union:
  • Declared    27 October 1991
  • Recognized    25 December 1991

Area:  Total    491,210 km2[1] (52nd)  188,456 sq mi

Population: 2012 estimate    5,125,693[2] (112th)

Density: 10.5/km2 (208th)  27.1/sq mi

GDP (PPP):  2011 estimate

Total : $43.359 billion

Per capita: $7,846

GDP (nominal):    2011 estimate

Total :   $25.742 billion

Per capita :   $4,658

HDI (2013):    0.698  medium · 102nd

Currency:    Turkmen new manat (TMT)

Time zone :   TMT (UTC+5)

Summer (DST):    not observed (UTC+5)

Drives on the:    right

Calling code:    +993

ISO 3166 code:  TM

Internet TLD :  .tm


IBA Logistics provides transport services from and to Turkmenistan.

Transport solutions from and to Turkmenistan:

  • Roadfreight to Turkmenistan Turkmenistan (truck)

  • IBA logistics regullary organizes all types of road freight towards Germany, from the smallest pallet to the most bulky cargo: Aşgabat, Serdar, Balkanabat, Turkmenbaşy, Tejen, Mary, Bayramaly, Türkmenabat, Magdanly, Atamurat, Geok Tepe, Hazar, Gumdag, Dzhebel, Karakala.

  • Groupage service to Turkmenistan

    Groupage truck freight service with multiple weekly departures, on client's demand we can also arrange collection directly with international truck. The service is available for normal and ADR goods. Groupage transport Turkmenistan, Groupage, part and full truck loads as well as import and export transport Turkmenistan.

  • Fulltruck service to Turkmenistan

    Roadfreight service with booking of fulltruck available both for normal and ADR cargo.

  • Reefer Fulltruck service to Turkmenistan

    Shipment service with booking of full refrigerated truck, the best option to foward all those goods which characteristis makes them perishable, from foodstuff to medicines. All services are available for both import and export, with full support for all kind of custom proceudre.

  • Oversize Cargo to Turkmenistan (Project Cargo)

    On client's demand we organize oversize cargo shipping services from all European territory to Turkmenistan, from huge plants to high weight equipment. Open truck, extra weight trucks, oversize height and width. All services are arranged only with the best truck on the market and having all legal authorizations mandatory for transit

  • Intermodal transport Turkmenistan
    For the use of intermodal connections we provide our customers and partners with our proven complete service including own modern equipment.

  • Express transport & Special Services Turkmenistan

    For quick shipment or exceptional transport to
    Turkmenistan .

  • Multimodal Shipments to Turkmenistan

    Multimodal transport oceanfreight + truck or roro + truck is available from Europe to Turkmenistan, also for carriage of veichles such as trucks, vans, excavators, ecc.

More information transport Turkmenistan

Please contact us via email or telephone or click one of the buttons below for online inquiries about transport from and to Turkmenistan.

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