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IBA Group Projects a 20% Growth in 2016

IBA Logistics Road Transportation
carries out complete and group to transporation all European countries and from these countries to Turkey by means of a truck fleet equipped with its own satellite tracing system.

IBA offers storage and from door to door services with their Warehouses and Export Stores established on an area of 20 thousand square meter in Istanbul head office and Munich/Germany head office, and also distribution, collection and storage organizations abroad completely by means of direct departures from the country.
IBA News, 16.02.2015 (Press-Information, 13.02.2015)

Offers storage and distribution services in Turkey

takes the advantage of its broad logistic network throughout Europe and accompanying knowledge both in Turkey and abroad; for example it offers storage and distribution service to its customers dealing with export.

IBA uses logistics centers in different places of Europe, which is in the frameworks of cargo system line, determines the center of most convenient location for the distribution needs of each customer and offers just-in-time service to its customers.
IBA News, 22.12.2014 (Press-Information, 18.12.2014)

Large Chains of Stores in Europe Started to Cooperate With IBA
Due to the fact that we do offer our customers a faster and also, of course, qualified shipping service more and more well known companies all over Europe and Turkey start working together with us, which gives us the most appreciated opportunity to organize the shipping process for them.

Maybe we can help and offer you personally a solution, based on quality service, for your consignment of goods soon and help you as well to reduce freight cost some time in the near future?

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if the service we are offering is exactly what you are looking for and also if you want to make a specific request, a fast response by our motivated and qualified team members on your inquiries / requirements will be guaranteed. By the way, a high-technology Qualmcolm Satelite system gives our customer and us the possibility to track every single shipment online at any time.

IBA News, 28.11.2014 (Press-Information, 20.11.2014)

The Best Driver of Europe Was Chosen From IBA in 2014
(The Diploma of Honour 2014)

One of the IBA drivers called HASAN TÜRKOGLU won the best driver of Europe competition which is organized every year by IRU (International Road Transport Union), whose head office is in Switzerland and of which Turkey is a member. IBA employs all the drivers in its fleet after special trainings. It is a privileged IBA Principle that all the units of our customer-oriented company work in the same way.

All of the drivers in IBA fleet participated in trainings in TÜV Akademie Munich in order to do inflammable transportation and they all gained the right to be awarded ADR Certificate and License to carry Chemicals. Moreover, our company made its drivers specially attend training course given by CEFIC organization in Belgium in order to provide FREIGHT SAFETY. IBA Logistics is proud to be one of the companies first to get SQAS certificate in this field. In such a period when education is considered to be the most important factor, we all know that companies that renew themselves will succeed in the long run.

We provide excellent %100 Customer satisfaction by educating our staff in all units in the Logistics sector and teaching our sector how to do its job. Now, we started to get the beneficial results of all these works. We understood that we should further develop our success in 2014 when an IBA driver won the best driver of the year award given by International Road Transport Union. These awards motivate us more and more, and encourage us to accelerate achieving our objectives.
IBA News, 17.06.2014 (Press-Information, 14.06.2014)

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