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The Concept

The globalisation of economies, the era of communications and a scenery of continuos changes are some of the factors that have contributed to a series of economical, political and social modifications.

In order to face these new challenges, companies were forced to create new management concepts and to take strategical decisions to find specialised partners in provisions management and physical distribution of their products, focusing their highest attention on the critical aspects of their business.

It was this particular need that determinated the conception of IBA Group and its services, becoming a GLOBAL LOGISTICS PARTNER with the capacity to integrate a complete range of services, offering the market a ONE STOP SHOPPING solution.
The Organisation

The Group, run by Izzet Baysal , was established in 1995, and has been since that time diversifying its range of activities and market intervention.

The Group includes companies:

IBA Lojistik A.S., Istanbul in Turkey
IBA Uluslararasi Nakliyat Ltd.,  in Turkey
IBA GmbH, Munich in Germany

This is a group of companies enjoying a large experience and expertise in logistics, transports, storage, distribution, IT systems, thus enabling an Integrated Logistics Service Offer: Global Logistics Solutions.

Our Experince

Since the beginning of its activity the development of IBA Logistics Group focused on enlarging the range of services offered, on national implementation, on increasing organizational skills, using first-rate technological solutions and specialisation of qualified human resources.

These are the development foundations that conducted the Group towards its present concept.
Our Goal

The IBA's main objective is to be the leader in the transports and logistics markets in Turkey, working hard every day so that its customers can find an unquestionable quality service and reliability. In order that its agents and partners can see the Group as an assured and long lasting investment, and so that its personnel can feel that this is one of the most attractive groups to work with and to develop.

The IBA Logistics Group's objective is to become the market leader in the transports and logistics sectors. Continuous efforts are undertaken so that its customers unquestionably perceive and acknowledge reliable quality services, so that its Agents and Partners in general may consider the Group so that its staff may feel this is one of the most attractive business groups to develop and work in.

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