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Food Logistics


International cargo theft is on the increase with food goods transport such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical, chemical, aerospace and technology proving to be lucrative targets for potential thieves. So if you're looking for a company to transport your food goods, you need the safest pair of hands to protect your cargo. You can rest safe in the knowledge that IBA Logistics Group leads the way in this specialist market. Transporting food goods is not a job for amateurs.

Your cargo safely transported

IBA is the market leader in Turkey, providing world-class solutions for the transportation of food goods. Our fleet includes over 103 special secured units. Our dedicated and highly trained staff ensures that your IBA quality goods arrive safely at its destination, by road or rail.

Monitoring through satellite

IBA has years of experience in the transportation of food goods, ensuring secure transportation services throughout Europe and Turkey. At grade level, IBA provides customers with a customised, secure transport service with a reduced threat of theft, highly secure vehicles, drivers with an excellent track record, meticulously planned transport routes and pre-determined stops, all ensuring a high level of security at all times.

For the transport of food products by IBA, all vehicles are equipped with a satellite connection so that the shipment can be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of any changes in pre-determined routes, an alarm is triggered at the police, the customer and IBA. Clients can also choose a combination tractor- trailer and driver- satellite that ensures these three remain connected.

You can learn more about how we safely transport food goods at the High Quality Handling and Distribution website.




We offer solutions for the road forwarding within Europe and Turkey.

The exact arrival of goods is guaranteed by our high-demanding regulation.

  • Use of hard-box superstructure of any type of trucks
  • Prescribed GPS and other good-tracking devices
  • Transport even with two drivers
  • Convoy transport solutions
  • Armed escort
  • Route planning
  • Use of safety parking places
  • Mechanical security tools
  • In case of demand, ensurance of two drivers for the shortest transit time

Keeping your cargo safe is the safest way of securing more business with you in the future. To discuss how it makes sense to let IBA Logistics protect your precious cargo, please e-mail iba@iba.ag


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