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IBA Logistics designs and offers agile supply chains to meet the ever changing trends of the fashion industry

The fashion industry moves at a fast pace. With fashion trends changing quickly, it is essential that new product lines get to the stores as soon as possible.

IBA Logistics understands the competitive need to constantly reconfigure your supply chain to meet volatile consumer purchasing patterns.
Retail apparel and footwear logistics is our core competency. We are able to develop innovative, flexible services that help speed your inventories to market. You can be confident that our global management systems monitor your goods all along the supply chain.


Value-added services

Our value-added services are customized to serve the specialized needs of the apparel and footwear industry:

  • Garments-On-Hanger service (GOH) – We supervise pre-sorting, pre-ticketing and hanging garments at origins to save time and reduce handling, storage and labor costs.

  • Hanger-pack GOH – We have created specialized hanger-pack cartons that ship apparel in a container as flat pack cargo, cutting shipping costs. We can load and deliver hanger-pack cartons according to final destination without re-handling during transit.



  • Quality control – Quality at the point of sale is imperative. We apply strict monitoring and perform the necessary quality control processes, such as inspection of garments for damage.

  • Inventory – Keeping tabs on inventory does not start at the store. Using the latest technology, we can provide inventory counts throughout delivery.

  • Customized packaging – We satisfy special promotions or customer preferences by configuring products with special hang tags, bundling, tagging, labeling and shrink wrapping in our DC.

  • Delivery optimization – Assure your presence on retailer shelves through delivery techniques such as direct-store-delivery (DSD) and Just-In-Time (JIT) replenishment.

Keeping your cargo safe is the safest way of securing more business with you in the future. To discuss how it makes sense to let IBA Logistics protect your precious cargo, please e-mail iba@iba.ag

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