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We understand Distribution as a comprehensive concept consisting in: The transport, both delivery and collection, of goods to and from companies (stores, industries, services) or large Shopping areas (supermarkets), combining the inherent necessary means, information and documentation management.

From small packages to the heavy cargo we offer you a vast range of distribution services, able to efficiently answer to your needs. A team of experienced professionals is ruled by the motto 'To respect deadlines with high safety levels'. To achieve this we have the most adequate means of transportation and goods' handling. Our Information Systems are structured to serve our clients, and we can give you real time information on your shipments.

Express Service

Unexpected and very important reasons sometimes force you to find emergency solutions. In this case the best solution is our "Express Service".

It is a special service handling minor packages and ensuring extremely fast delivery times between two different cities, or same day deliveries within the same city limits.


This service has the same characteristics as IBA 24, except for the fact that it apllies to the Distribution inside the Istanbul area. Pick-ups are carried out during the morning and the deliveries take place in the afternoon, or on the other hand, collections in late afternoon and deliveries early the following day.

Always concerned with our customers' needs, this service also assures that deliveries are effected at the working very first hour, placing your products available and ready to be bought by the public at the shops' opening time.
IBA 24
The most important feature of this service, which handles all kinds of duely packed goods, is the short period of time that takes from the collection to the delivery, no matter the distance between the origin and the destination. There is a reduced cost per unit, due to the consolidation of several shipments, and to the distribution network based on late night transports between the farthest points.
IBA 48
This service is applicable to the distribution of heavy cargo deliveries in 24/48 hours all over the country.
Information Systems

Tracking and Tracing - We offer our customers acess to a safe and reliable consignements' Tracking and Tracing system by means of one of the most advanced technological system; it is a powerful tool which enables you to keep track of your consignements on-line.

This is a comprehensive information system and it grants us a one-step forward position as far as our direct competitors are concerned. All you need to do is to acess to the Internet, enter your shipment's number and you will get the correspondent detailed information. Apart from the information on the shipment's status, we also enable you to consult the shipment's non-conformities.

RDL Online - An operational module that uses Internet technology, and that allow us to offer a Front End, that is, an Interface that can be applied to our operational system. This renders possible the:

- printing of labels
- the printing of freight documents
- control over deadlines

This consultation module is more advanced than Track and Trace itself, as it enables us to perform an operational integration with our clients' operational systems, and the transfer of electronic data to our operational system.
Special Transport

This service is accomplished by means of transport, which are exclusively dedicated to our company. Both the goods' collection and delivery are effected by the same vehicle, and our driver is permanently at your disposal since the moment he leaves the Distribution Center until the very moment he returns.

The Special transport is applicable to deliveries in difficult places when, due to long distances, special goods' handling is required, as well as extra personnel or special resources are needed (hand pallett trucks, cranes, etc).

This service is also applicable to major dimensions' goods.
Jumbo Service

When it comes to moving a considerable material's volume from one place to another, the best choice is to load full transport units, loading and unloading logistic support is also granted upon request.
IBA Hiper
This is applicable to the distribution of heavy cargo and smaller packages in large shopping areas.
Complementary Services
IBA 'Cash-On-Delivery' Service - We are prepared to collect your goods' invoice payment from your client; such is strictly controlled by our 'Cash-On-Delivery' management system. Pick-Up and Management of Refused Shipments - In case the consignee refuses the shipment, we immediately return it to its origin.

IBA POD - We provide you a copy of your goods' Proof of Delivery whenever necessary.
Small Packages Distribution Services
Service Scope Designation
National distribution of small volumes in 24 hours Deliveries in 24 hours all over Turkey IBA 24 - Small Volumes
Same day distribution of small volumes Istanbul Area IBA 6 - Small Volumes
Deliveries to large Shopping areas National IBA Hipers
Short Delivery Times Applicable to same day Deliveries within the same city-limits National Flash Service
Cash-On-Delivery National IBA Cash-On-Delivery
Proof of Delivery Presentation National IBA POD
Distribution Services and Heavy Cargo
Service Scope Designation
National distribution of Heavy cargo in 24 h Delivery in 24h all over the Country IBA 24h Heavy Cargo
Same day distribution of heavy cargo Istanbul Area IBA 6 - Heavy cargo
National distribution of Heavy Cargo in 48h Deliveries in 24h all over the country IBA 48h - Heavy cargo
Deliveries to big Shopping Areas National IBA Hiper
Delivery to difficult locations with specific needs National Special Transport
Full load Freights National Jumbo Service
Cash-On-Delivery National IBA Cash-On-Delivery
Proof of delivery Presentation National IBA POD

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