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Chemical Logistics

Anyone who works in the chemical industry knows that safety and constant changes in global supply and demand dramatically affect the supply chain. As always, products must also arrive safely and on time.

This is why having a "good" transportation and logistics company just isn't good enough. You need the best, and IBA Logisitcs is the supply chain management company that delivers.

We believe that in industries driven by the strictest safety and environmental regulations, there are still opportunities to increase control and reduce costs. We adhere to all safety guidelines, while best managing our customers' individual goals to safely and efficiently transport chemicals. We offer solutions that improve each phase of the chemical logistics supply chain.

Our goal is to provide supply chain management solutions that optimize performance and systems, so that predictability improves and you're able to mitigate potential problems before they arise. By increasing product velocity, we provide market access more consistently. And we minimize the cost of transport by providing direct top shipping options.

ADR/Carriage of Dangerous Goods

Safety and health are the important elements of IBA management system.

In addition to that, the service network which includes experts working on the transportation of the dangerous goods underlines the company’s commitment for meeting the demands in safety and health management. The company fulfils the strict standards of the chemistry industry. In some centres, IBA is certified with SQAS which is a very valuable certificate which verifies a certain safety and quality assessment standards related to the environment.

IBA offers service in transportation of dangerous goods which respects the people, environment and ecological balance with its experienced drivers convenient to ADR Convention and its giant fleet equipped with high technology. The goal of the company is to minimize the potential risks for safety and health of the employees.

Keeping your cargo safe is the safest way of securing more business with you in the future. To discuss how it makes sense to let IBA Logistics protect your precious cargo, please e-mail iba@iba.ag


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